P. Ola Jannhov, Swedish born dj, speaker & trainer

The practical aspect of my work with Voice has it´s own two homepages.
www.Stimme-mit-Wirkung.de (auf Deutsch) &
www.Voice-with-Impact.com (in English).

Welcome to the institue

Voice is my message to the world. Of the five senses smell, taste, feel, sight and hearing, our ears are the very first to evolve. In the womb there is nothing to see, the fetus floats as a self-feeling part in-union-with-mother. Thus also anything resembling smell and taste is most likely the smell & taste of oneself (in-union-with-mother). But from roughly the third month, sounds from outside can reach the little human to be. Sound is our very first interaction with the world.

So if hearing sounds and especially voice corresponds with the “oldest” of the five senses, one would assume that we would be very aware concerning sound and voice. The reality is though loads of “not-knowing” and neglect of the influence of sound and voice.

This neglect and unawareness is in several ways alarming. .. to be continued …


Integral is a term used for an emerging consciousness, looking at literally everything human and finding some kind of sense, truth or worth to it. At the same time realizing that nothing human can ever be fully and absolutely true. There is always an unknown tomorrow. The most well known messenger is the US American Ken Wilber. Growing an integral understanding is today extremely helpful to navigate in a quicker and quicker changing world. Living a more and more integral life is, to me, the biggest “sense-maker”.

Integral Voice .. to be continued …

Institute is a body for teaching and/or research. The research through this institute is less academic and more experiential. It happens through the teaching I conduct. As I write this, it´s autumn 2016 and I am alone with my institute idea. Feel free to contact me. We will see how it grows.